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Personal Branding Testimonial
Here's How it all Started

Can you break into your desired industry and multinational company? Absolutely. Here's Sarah's story.

Sarah worked in the banking sector since she finished her undergraduate degree. However, she was looking for more. She had outgrown her job and was looking to break into a multinational in marketing but application after application had not been successful. We met during our ‘Personal Branding for Career Change’ workshop and from there, Sarah came in for a private consultation.

The Initial Consultation

Telling your career story requires tact.

In our consultation, we reviewed her experiences and the difficulty that she had driving her career forward. While she had worked in marketing, she was having a challenge transferring her skills into a new industry that required different competencies. However, she had strong corporate communication skills which didn’t come out clearly in her profile. We knew incorporating this and developing her accomplishments would give her a strong candidacy in these roles.

LinkedIn Profile and CV Optimization
The Service

Fortune favours the prepared.

She selected our full service where we completely reworked her CV & LinkedIn profile. It took a full day, 6-hour coaching session to derive the most potent accomplishments in her roles. What came out of the process was a polished, made-to-fit personal brand that merged all her accomplishments with her future ambitions and she was more than ready to meet the opportunity.

The Result

Your Network Holds Great Opportunity for You

Sarah did not only rely on job boards and recruiters. Instead, she built her network using our Networking for Jobs framework. Two months later, she was in a new role, managing the largest brand in the portfolio regionally. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Industry changes can be tricky – recruiters generally prefer to hire from within. Seek help from coaches who specialize on career change.
  2. All your experiences build up to your next role. Nothing is wasted. 
  3. Your network gives you a direct path to your future boss. Your profile just needs to be clear on the value you offer.

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