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You’ve grown in your career but you have come to crossroads. You want to achieve more but the things you know to try aren’t working and you’re not sure what’s wrong. Or you know you want more, but you just can’t clearly define it and the uncertainty has left you feeling…congested. You don’t want to live not knowing what could be… We can help you.

An unbiased external global view and critical assessments of your current skills and capabilities.

Multiple career options in and out of employment that you could consider.

Unearth your unique value, your unique value proposition.

A brand new senior level CV & LinkedIn profile that speak powerfully to your capabilities & future.

Direct linkages to HR & recruiters so you jump ahead of the queue straight to the interview stage

Interviewing coaching for senior roles so you deliver a great first impression and secure really good offers.

FREE ongoing guidance & regular check-ups to support you until you achieve your goal.

…and so much more!

Free 20 minute phone conversation fully around your career. 

How It Works:


A critical assessment of your strengths, available options and strategies to help you move forward


An indepth relaxed discussion to uncover your unique value and align you to your next role


A brand new, future-ready you clearly articulated on a CV, LinkedIn profile & key interview questions.


Get connected directly with recruiters and HR managers looking for exceptional talent, just like you 

…the agencies [recruitment] were not giving me any hope. They were not advising me. They were saying just leave it [CV] with us then we’ll move forward so I really wanted somebody who can take me on, understand me, go through everything…show me how it’s wrong and what’s happening…showing me the future…a coach helps you reach your goal faster…I [now] come to win the day

NgatiaSpeaking on repositioning from a Regional Sales Manager to Sales Director and the value of advanced career coaching in becoming a better leader.

…but then it’s funny how when it comes to our own careers, we never really look at outsourcing these services and looking for someone who understands how these things work…I just keep adding…and changing format [of the resume] but not looking at how my CV represents me and where I want to go…I was at a crossroad…

Roberton getting clarity on the value he provides and how his career development path is clear as he repositions from Business Development Director to Chief Operating Officer

…what intrigued me is that she saw herself in a different light that she had never seen herself [in] and then that triggered for me, what are the possibilities that I had not even tapped into…because of…the desire to move but seemingly stuck

BrendaSpeaking on rejuvenating her career as a Senior HR Manager and finding her purpose and value in the midst of corporate restructuring

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We continue to support you for free until you land your next role.


Free 20 minute phone conversation fully around your career.