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Macharia is the quintessential high performer. He was already a young country MD at a large multinational. Despite this, he knew he could do much more. He wanted a partner who could handle matters with the discretion that C-level executives require.

We crafted a concise and impactful career story, provided interview coaching and helped him navigate complex salary negotiations. Macharia successfully secured a role he enjoys as Group Chief Operating Officer at Pavicon Group, supporting their rapid growth plans.


Samuel was referred to us by a recruiter who suggested his CV needed professional enhancement in line with his ambition. He felt that he had stagnated in his career and he wanted to start by showing his value and securing a significant salary increment at his current employer. We later helped him in repositioning his skill set to move from a leading software vendor, Cellulant to client side within Financial Services.

We aided in crafting a compelling narrative for his professional journey, highlighting his leadership in digital transformation within the target organizations. Consequently, Samuel landed a role at I&M Bank through Career Connections, as one of their champions of digital transformation.


Doris’s role at a long-term employer was made redundant after a restructure. Having been with the same organization for many years and from a technical background (biotechnologist), she needed help showcasing her skill.

We started by clarifying that while she was a biotechnologist, she was better positioned as a project manager. After completing her personal branding, she landed a short-term consulting position with KEMRI and later, a role in program oversight within Science for Africa.


Wilson was referred by Paul, our client, and his colleague at General Electric. They were part of a redundancy process and were fortunate to have outplacement (guidance to find another job) support from their employer. However, they felt they needed a firm with local expertise and ongoing support to help them navigate the challenges they knew they would face.

We repositioned Wilson from the narrow specialist roles common in multinationals to a general finance role, as his experience was richer. We also supported in interview coaching. He eventually landed a regional finance director role and currently serves as the Finance Director for Busara, a global research organization in the social sector.


Faith was introduced to us while working in project management in the tech industry. She found herself at a crossroads. Did she need to change functions or industries to propel her career forward? We supported her through a comprehensive career audit, exploring various options. During this process, it became evident that Faith possessed not only project management skills but also strong operations leadership expertise.

Through our guidance, Faith gained clarity and peace of mind. We collaborated with her to build a cohesive career story that showcased her diverse skill set. This strategic approach ultimately led to Faith securing her current position as the Head of Digital Operations at Mama Cash, a global funder in the social sector.


Joshua was referred to Angled North by our recruiting partner, Sehar. She, the former head of recruitment at Kenyans Come Home and currently the Managing Director of Hyre Africa, believed that Joshua’s CV did not accurately reflect his seniority and breadth of expertise. Despite having it rewritten by a CV writing company, it positioned him for a lower-level role. At the time, he was already a high-performing Product Manager at Safaricom.

We guided Joshua through personal branding, interview preparation, negotiating and weighing between several competitive job offers. Joshua successfully secured the role of Director of Product and Partnerships at Moringa School.


As a Demand & Pricing Analyst in the Sub Sahara region for over 11 years, Brenda sought career growth and a better compensation package, Brenda decided to learn negotiation strategies centered around demonstrating her value to the company. With our assistance, Brenda successfully negotiated a substantial increase in her pay and benefits.

Transitioning from a consulting role to a full-time position, we also supported her in interviewing and negotiating a higher-level position, along with an improved pay package and benefits, eventually landing a role at her current employer, Roche. Learning how to present a value-based case to employers is a crucial skill that Brenda acquired, addressing a
a common challenge for many individuals.


Paul found himself facing a redundancy at General Electric. With the finance organization being restructured out of the Sub-Saharan region, he needed to decide if moving to Budapest would be best for his family and career. He sought external assistance to navigate the hiring process. Coming from a matrix-style organization, he needed help articulating his competencies in line with the broader market demand.

We refined his brand and helped him navigate multiple interviews. He now serves as a Regional Finance Controller with Coca-Cola. Paul paid us the greatest compliment by saying this was the ‘best’ service he had ever purchased.


Zipporah found herself facing challenges despite her impressive track record. Despite being a high achiever with notable accomplishments in various roles, she struggled to progress within her organization. Desiring a shift to global multinationals and mainstream FMCG brands, Zipporah applied to numerous opportunities but failed to break through. Despite multiple attempts to enhance her CV, she was not achieving the desired results.

Upon seeking our assistance, the focus shifted to crafting her story powerfully from marketing in the beauty category to mainstream global FMCG brands. Our guidance involved comprehensively presenting her journey, highlighting the qualities sought by multinational companies, and showcasing the value she had contributed to her previous employer. Today, Zipporah proudly serves as a Senior Brand Manager at Diageo, a testament to the success of our collaborative efforts.


Samuel Kimani was referred to us by a colleague at General Electric, where there was a redundancy process. Samuel had rapidly grown his career to senior leadership and he was eager to maintain his momentum and not lose value. He sought to establish himself not only as a strong finance leader but also as a capable operations leader. Our team supported him throughout the branding, negotiation and other processes. He ultimately secured the role he holds with Medsource, a MedTech company.


Evans had been contemplating his career options after an illustrious career at Andela. During a period of introspection, he assessed the value he had contributed to his employer and evaluated market opportunities for future growth. Seeking clarity, Evans underwent a career audit with our assistance. The audit revealed that remaining with Andela was the most suitable path for achieving his career goals. Now, he enjoys the peace of mind that comes with knowing he is on the right career trajectory.


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