1. Do you offer LinkedIn or CV writing services?
    Yes, we do. Click here for more details: Personal Branding Services.
  2. Will you help me in finding roles that are a good fit?
    Yes, we will. Please have a look here: The Executive Talent Network. This members-only network provides access to unadvertised roles. It is perfect for those who want to maintain privacy in their job search, skip the mundane processes and be connected to opportunities that aren’t advertised.
  3. How long does the process take? 
    It depends on what you select. It takes about 2 weeks for our personal branding services. Need it faster? Please Contact Us to discuss your needs.
  4. Must I purchase Personal Branding services to be a member of the Executive Talent Network?
    No. You can also choose to do this on your own. We have courses, templates and more already included in the Executive Talent Network at no extra cost. If you have any further questions, just contact us
  5. What if I would like to make changes to my CV, LinkedIn profile etc. later. Will I be able to do so? 
    Yes. All your new profiles are fully editable and customizable using MS Word or other common word processors.
  6. Are you a recruiter? 
    No. We offer career services and placement support to candidates. Recruiters work for companies to find candidates. We partner with recruiters seeking such candidates to place these candidates. 
  7. Why can’t the employer pay my fees?  
    Recruiters work for companies to find candidates. They get paid by the company. We work exclusively with candidates providing career services and placement support and as such, get paid by the candidates.
  8. Why can’t you charge me when I get the job?
    We invest a lot in our candidates upfront. Unlike recruiters, we are not paid a fee by companies for placement. We rely solely on candidates to stay in business.
  9. What is your success rate?
    50% of our candidates get jobs within 6 months. 80% of candidates within 12 months. Bear in mind, the average recruiting cycle takes 3-6 months to close.
  10. Can you guarantee me a job?
    It is impossible to guarantee anyone a job because we do not control every aspect of the process. For example, we offer interview coaching but we don’t interview on your behalf. This is also why we take great measures to make sure we are a good fit upfront. If we aren’t, we won’t waste any of your time.
  11. Will I need multiple CVs?
    This is a key difference between us and other services. Our approach is to be as comprehensive as possible because our clients don’t have time to waste. If we provide the full package to you, we provide a comprehensive master CV that applies to all roles you’d be targeting. You only need to cut out what you don’t need depending on the role. 
  12. Everyone says they are a career coach. Why should I trust you?
    Unlike other career coaches, we offer end-to-end support for Senior Managerial to Executive Level executives. We have been awarded Kenya’s Top Executive Career Coaching service in 2020 by CV Magazine, UK. We also have video, audio and written testimonials of executives just like you who have tripled their salaries, moved to higher roles with a great culture fit. We have also partnered with the best recruiters and companies to help you succeed.
  13. Can I pay you in installments?
    Yes, you can pay in installments. There is a short assessment to qualify run by our financing partner Aspira. There is no extra charge or interest to be paid if they approve you. Just what we’ve agreed to.
  14. I am in between jobs and can’t afford your services right now. What other options do you have?
    We completely understand. You can purchase our e-courses such as CV/LinkedIn for Executive Career Change video course, Executive CV Templates and more. Pricing starts at $10 – $100 for access to all resources. The same resources are included within the Executive Talent Network at no extra cost.

Do you have any other questions? Contact us here. We’d be happy to clear it up.

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