How Angled North Started

Career Coaching

Something Has To Change

Nearly 6 years ago, I found myself looking at jobs on LinkedIn. On this day, something caught my eye. I had saved 48 jobs and applied to only 1. I took a long, hard look at my profile and it just wasn’t speaking to what I was looking for. It didn’t sound like me. It was just bland. How was I ever going to find anything meaningful looking like this?

Two weeks after seeking help and completing my profile, I got a LinkedIn message from the then Managing Director of Michael Page in Sub-Saharan Africa. They had been looking for a Client Service/Business Development Lead for a Global News Agency for over a year. My profile fit what they were looking for. Would I be interested in interviewing? I was intrigued! After years of ‘silence’ on LinkedIn, this was refreshing.

Telling Your Career Story

Then Came The Painful Revelation

A week later, my assigned recruiter was speaking to me asking how much I wanted to be paid but I had now been taught how to tactfully navigate the question and a short while after, he told me, ‘It pays between X and Y’. 

Raise the alarm! X was 5 times the salary I was earning at the time! Before taxes! You won’t believe what Y was…

Later, after picking myself from the floor, I had to ask myself, what else didn’t I know that I should? What else was I taking for granted? What opportunities are out there that I have never even considered? 

Tips and tricks on LinkedIn

An Opportunity To Help Others

Of course, I asked – do you get requests to interview on LinkedIn? Is your pay fair for what you provide? What is your career plan? Are you aware of what’s going on outside your industry? Answers were varied.

“No, LinkedIn is just a place to put your CV online…”

“Are you telling me the 15-30% salary increment is not always true?”

“I’m still waiting for the promotion. Maybe this year…”

“I don’t even know how to transition to my desired industry.”

For 2 years, I studied it all: job search, leadership development – what made some excel and others falter. I shared and success stories came, I was elated. Angled North was born.

Angled North Managing Director

It's Your Turn

Let’s face it. 

If career advancement was just about getting an MBA, playing politics and changing the layout of your CV, most people would be doing great. They aren’t. What is doing nothing costing you? How much does that equate to monetarily? Are you satisfied with just this?

Have you achieved a lot but struggle to tell your story? Or are you just stuck and yet you want to do more? Are you the kind of person who is NOT looking for ‘just a job?’  Do you want to leave a great legacy? Tired of playing safe? Committed to growth? Have we got solutions for you! 

Book a consultation at a time that is convenient to you to get started.

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