Personal Branding Service

Telling Your Career Story

A Compelling Career Story

If you are looking to tell your career story well and position yourself for a greater opportunity, then our services are you. Whether you can’t seem to get the words right – it’s in your head and it just doesn’t seem to come out clearly on paper – or you just can’t find the time, we can help. Our clients say this is one of the greatest value in our services – helping them get out what’s stuck inside of them and weave it into a great story.

Executive Personal Branding

Your Story, Told Powerfully in Your Executive CV & LinkedIn Profile

Your story will be seamlessly told in a completely new Made-to-Fit, Executive CV and LinkedIn profile. Told in a way that clearly sets you apart and strengthens your candidacy for key roles. We also help you increase targeted connections & raise your profile on LinkedIn.

Connect with Recruiters

Master The Interview

We work 1-on-1 with you, assessing and tailoring the interview coaching process to ensure you are as clear on articulating the unique value you bring as was read about you. We will teach you how to take control of the interviewing process & steer the conversation, negotiate powerfully and present a compelling case that is hard to resist.

Employment Contract Signing

Connect Directly with Executive Recruiters

Connect directly with recruiters looking for well prepared candidates like you for senior-level roles. We also alert you when any new roles from recruiters in our network come up. Most of these roles are unadvertised.

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Personal Branding Consulting
Complete Done-for-You Solution. Costs Kshs. 60,000 / $600

Multiple Currencies & Payment Options

  • Strategy session to refine your story
  • Done-for-you LinkedIn profile
  • Tools to manage/automate LinkedIn
  • Bonus training to build targeted connections
  • Done-for-you Executive CV & Cover Letter
  • 2 months Interview Training
  • Upto 5 hours private coaching
  • Payable in two (2) instalments
  • Click here to access even more benefits

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