4 Ways To Effectively Integrate LinkedIn Into Your Talent Management Strategy | Angled North

  Talent Management is going digital. And rightly so. The World Economic Forum’s theme for 2016 focuses on the age of the digital revolution, noted in Klaus Schwab’s article, and this has percolated into the workplace. The digital workplace, therefore, calls for digital HR; whereby traditional methods of acquiring, managing and developing talent have been replaced. This ‘Digital Disruption’ as quoted by Accenture, gives rise to a customized talent management strategy and the necessity for more effective talent solutions. ... Read More

How To Write A Letter Of Recommendation For An Employee (That Makes You Look Good Too!) | Angled North

  It almost comes with the position. Senior executives are often requested to give letters of recommendation to former or current employees. Your recommendation is highly sought out because a reputable third┬áparty vouching for a potential employee is worth tonnes to a hiring manager. Therefore, you should establish what is required to write a good letter of recommendation. First things first: do not feel obligated to write a recommendation letter. If you are doubtful of your capability to honestly recommend an employee, politely decline and request that they find someone more suitable. A good letter of recommendation usually requires some ... Read More

How Recruiters Use LinkedIn To Headhunt Executives! | Angled North

If you thought LinkedIn was just another social media network created for circulating the ever-present cat videos that stalk us on all platforms, and maybe just a little of your work history, then think again! An estimated 1.4 million Kenyans have a LinkedIn profile – that most left dormant years ago. A survey by Digital Rand showed that with the highest number of inactive users in Kenya, LinkedIn takes the cake. This is interesting to note as there are several out-of-work senior executives and an equally large number of the same who are unhappy with their current roles.┬áThere are around ... Read More