Social capital is possibly the most important form of capital there is. With a bank of social capital, financial and human capital can abound. It is formed in the relationships you cultivate with others; these connections that you give value to and receive value from. There is no area that this can take you further than in business. Whether you are building and strengthening relationships on the golf course, in the rotary club or in a Mastermind group, your business is sure to grow as a result of your network. ... Read More

[Infographic] Things You Didn’t Know About Kenya’s Senior Professionals on LinkedIn | Angled North

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, currently has 1,460,000 Kenyan users. These users are scattered across various industries and have rich academic and professional backgrounds. The infographic below focuses on Kenya’s senior professionals on LinkedIn. These are the executives who are senior professionals in their fields; CxO, partners, managers, and directors. Of the 1.4 million professionals, 88,000 are female senior professionals. In comparison, 197,000 are men. The top job functions are shown below; followed by Marketing, Business Development, Healthcare, Media and Communication, and Accounting. Fields such as Engineering and Legal have 8,000 Kenyan senior professionals each on LinkedIn, whereas Military and Protective ... Read More

Why African CEOs need to develop their online personal brand! | Angled North

  The Personal Brand of the CEO was a resultative and natural extension from the successful branding of the company. Worldwide, CEOs have leveraged this connection to build up a powerful personal brand that builds their authority and reputation. So much so, that the two have become synonymous; a face to the organization. Customer-centricity demands that the CEO of a company be personable, and several brands the world over are utilizing this as a point of differentiation. In Africa, with the rise in millennials taking up leadership positions, this is bound to be the norm in the future. However, the limited ... Read More