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Here's How it all Started

Can You Change Your Career without Having to Start from Scratch? Yes. Listen to Martin's Story.

Martin worked as a Production Manager in an industrial manufacturing company and had a background in engineering, sales and finance. He really wanted to move back into sales but no matter how many recruiters he spoke to, jobs he applied to, interviews he went to, he just couldn’t seem to break through. We met when he attended our signature workshop, Personal Branding for Career Change, where I train people on how to make a career switch & land a new role.

Listen to Him Speak About His Experience with Us
Client Consultation
The Initial Consultation

You can limit your own progression by not critically assessing yourself

After the session, he booked a consultation to discuss his challenge. The first thing we quickly discovered was that he had actually outgrown the sales role he was looking for and what he was better suited to a higher operational leadership role. Like most people, he had never taken stock of how what he did (most people look at job title progression – very limiting) would guide him to his next path. His professional profile needed a complete rebrand to suit this new focus.

Listen to Him Speak About His Experience with Us
Personal Branding Complete
The Service

Career Changes Require Deep Work - Which We Are Always Up To

He selected our full service where we refined his CV, LinkedIn profile & Core interviewing skills. These types of rebrands are intense work. It took us a full 9-hour day, to unearth the most compelling accomplishments. It took 2 weeks to come up with a powerful personal brand. A cohesive story of  Martin’s strengths positioning him strongly to the requirements of the role of Head of Operations.

Listen to Him Speak About His Experience with Us
Client Secured Job
The Result

They Say Two's Company

A short while afterwards, he was headhunted for a Head of Operations role outside his home country. As part of his interviewing coaching & support, we provided him with insight into salary negotiation, especially as an expatriate. He was able to secure the role with amazing benefits, including a fully paid scholarship for his wife!

Following his success, he quickly referred his wife to us. She came from an branch management background in financial services but was looking more for customer service leadership roles. She now works for a leading retailer in customer service leadership.

Requests for interviews kept coming including for a Managing Director role in Southern Africa from our recruiting partner, Alternate Doors Consulting. A good personal profile works for you 24/7. 

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