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Can you find greater purpose and fit in your career? Robert sure did.

Robert was already very successful in his career. Over a couple of months, he had been headhunted for a couple of roles but he wasn’t happy with the roles he was getting shortlisted for. He didn’t want to continue on as a Business Development Director in a new company. He wanted to spend more time on innovation and strategy perhaps as a Chief Strategy/Innovation Officer.

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Personal Branding is not just about you. It's also about what the market wants.

When we examined his experience, he was more than qualified but the market appetite for those roles was slim at the time and he wasn’t willing to relocate. His brand strategy was for Operations/General Management roles with a bias in innovation or strategy reformulation.

Listen to Him Speak About His Experience with Us
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The Service

We don't do touch ups. Rebrand means overhaul.

Through a 5-hour coaching session, we developed a new brand strategy. We redeveloped all his career documents to meet this new position. Lastly, we worked on his elevator pitch to communicate his distinct value and provided him with leverage for his interviews. 

Listen to Him Speak About His Experience with Us
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Why Should You Remain Stuck?

After interviewing for a couple of roles, he landed a new role as Africa Managing Director for a multinational.

Your Personal Brand determines everything. From the roles you are interviewed to interview for to the compensation package you are offered. Investing in professionally telling the right story makes all the difference. Why chance your first impression with busy recruiters and hiring managers and lose months of better pay, work challenges etc. Get it done right and faster than months of Googling can.

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