[cz_quote style=”cz_quote_arrow cz_quote_center” name=”Moses” subname=”Finance Manager to CFO | Tech. Manufacturing Industry | Full Service” rating=”5″ quote_position=”absolute;top: 10%;left: 10%” id=”cz_64392″ sk_overall=”background-color:rgba(0,0,0,0.01);”]

…go back and understand yourself. There’s no need to panic. Understand your strengths, understand your weaknesses by going through a similar process like I did…after that you’ll be able to think of what you should be doing for your future…I had never thought about some of the accomplishments I had previously done in my professional life…you are able to find a strong selling point to an employer or client…

Moses’ had an illustrious career as a manager in a leading multinational when his employer suddenly laid off staff. He came to us looking to for a new CV & LinkedIn profile but we did much more than that. We reviewed his professional skills and positioned him as a strong CFO candidate. Within two months, he had received multiple invitations to interview. C-level interviews can be quite challenging, especially in technical assessments and we coached him in this, and out of multiple offers that included a position in Europe, he happily closed an offer.

He referred his former direct reports to work with us. They now work as Group Finance Director & Finance Director with two different multinationals.


[cz_quote style=”cz_quote_arrow cz_quote_center” name=”Martin” subname=”Plant Manager to Head of Operations| Construction Industry | Full Service” rating=”5″ quote_position=”absolute;top: 10%;left: 10%” id=”cz_79872″ sk_overall=”background-color:rgba(0,0,0,0.01);”]

“I think in life it’s sort of like a combination lock. You have to figure out the sequence of numbers for you to be able to open the lock…”


Martin’s background was proving a challenge. He had an engineering and finance background and worked in plant operations. He needed more than just a good CV & LinkedIn profile. We helped him see that he was most suited (and actually interested in) becoming an operations leader. We also connected him with our network of recruiters who were eager to work with him. His diverse experiences proved to be a strength.

He landed an expatriate position leading operations. Throughout the process, we supported him with salary negotiation training and support and aside from a hefty increment, he got multiple benefits including a fully-funded scholarship for his wife. She later took our entire program and moved from leading administration in a financial services company to leading a 200-person operation for a large retailer in East Africa. 


[cz_quote style=”cz_quote_arrow cz_quote_center” name=”Robert” subname=”Business Development Director to General Manager | Industrial Technology Industry | Full Service” rating=”5″ quote_position=”absolute;top: 10%;left: 10%” id=”cz_61667″ sk_overall=”background-color:rgba(0,0,0,0.01);”]

…but then it’s funny how when it comes to our own careers, we never really look at outsourcing these services and looking for someone who understands how these things work…I just keep adding…and changing format [of the resume] but not looking at how my CV represents me and where I want to go…I was at a crossroad…

Robert was at a crossroads. After many fantastic years and growth, he had outgrown his work as a Business Development Director and was searching for newer challenges. However, it proved difficult to clearly articulate how his past experience met the needs of these newer roles. He’d tried changing CV templates, googling, asking close acquaintances but nothing seemed to work. When he came to us, we audited his experiences and developed a brand new profile on CV and LinkedIn suitable for a COO/GM position. We made sure he ranked highly on relevant search results. He went from little recruiter interest on LinkedIn to being nearly overwhelmed. Today, he works as a General Manager for an Industrial Technology company leading their entire Africa Business.


[cz_quote style=”cz_quote_arrow cz_quote_center” name=”Rose” subname=”Account Manager | Communications Industry | Interview Coaching” rating=”5″ quote_position=”absolute;top: 10%;left: 10%” id=”cz_22207″ sk_overall=”background-color:rgba(0,0,0,0.01);”]

I know what I want to do, I know I can do the job but when it comes to expressing myself, something is amiss. It’s like it doesn’t come out the way it sounds in my head…a problem Kenyans have is that, they, instead of searching their souls to find out what could I be doing wrong, sit back and say that job was reserved for someone else and maybe it wasn’t…I used to hear [about] an interview and I just get tired…

Rose is a successful account manager for one of the leading communication firms in Sub-Saharan Africa. Though she is the top-performing (sales revenue) account manager on her team, she keeps getting passed for the promotion year after year. She had tried to find answers on Google but it hadn’t helped. Whenever she went into the interview she just couldn’t seem to get the right words in, even though she knew the answer. 

After 1-on-1 tailored coaching, Rose was able to calm her nerves, structure her answers, and take part in salary negotiations confidently. Listen to her as she speaks about what her experience was like working in working with us.


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