Don’t risk your career by just blending in.

At Angled North, we know what a so-so first impression does for you…Nothing.


We know what being unclear on what unique value you bring to the table does for you…Nothing.


We know what a little Google and YouTube here and there and downloading generic CV templates copied off random websites does for you…Nothing.


What does a bland LinkedIn profile do for you? You guessed it. Nothing.


But you are different.


We articulate your unique value for higher roles, greater responsibility & more money.


Save yourself the time and benefit from our expertise and network. 

You are looking for a new job or career change. We manage everything for you.

We start off with a deep assessment of your career so that you discover multiple career options.

3-5 hours is spent on face-to-face time with you to uncover your career experiences & achievements. 

10 hours is spent on transcribing the recording and distilling it into your value proposition and your CV. 

2 hours is spent with you, intricately polishing your interviewing and negotiation power so you get the best offer. 

An unlimited amout of hours are put into curating and sharing the right unadvertised jobs with you, and your profile with HR and recruiters. 

You receive a brand new senior level CV & LinkedIn profile that speak powerfully to your capabilities & future.

We continue to support you at no extra cost until you achieve your goals. We don’t do things halfway here!

You will have access to further personal development tools such as coaching, mentorship programs, leadership training and more!

The whole process takes 10 working days.


Price: Kshs. 50,000/USD 500 (managers) & 80,000/USD 800 (directors), payable in 1 – 2 monthly instalments. Not in Kenya? We work with executives interested in working in Africa. Book your free phone consultation to get started.

Ready to Get Started?

It all starts with a free no-obligation phone  consultation where we discuss your career in detail and answer any of your questions.