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What to do after retrenchment
Here's How it all Started

You can find the rug pulled suddenly from under your feet

After a long, illustrious career in General Electric, Moses was suddenly laid off as the company outsourced some services. He knew the requirements for the job search process had become more stringent and competition was high. He also realized there was no value in spending weeks or months trying to figure out how to go about it by himself and so he reached out to us. 

Listen to Him Speak About His Experience with Us
Career Coaching Consultation
The Initial Consultation

It's good to get an independent, objective view of where you are at

In our brand audit, we unearthed that he was ready to move to a higher level but this didn’t come out clearly. His LinkedIn profile, for example, ranked low and was written in a way that did not position him for CFO roles which is where he desired to be. He was highly skilled but would need assistance clearly articulating his value.

Listen to Him Speak About His Experience with Us
Personal Branding Success
The Service

The Brand Strategy

Moses selected our full service where we reworked his personal brand to build a strong executive profile. We started off with a 5-hour long career coaching session to build his brand strategy. We then executed it into his career branding documents that all positioned him strongly for a position as a CFO and coached him on storytelling for career to navigate executive interviews. 

Listen to Him Speak About His Experience with Us
Finding a Great New Job

Here's the Result of Working Together

The last step was to get his brand out. He quickly landed interviews for CFO roles including a regional CFO position through Kenyans Come Home, passing tough assessments. A few months later, he landed his new role.

Not only did he pay us the kindest compliment by saying this was the best service he ever bought, but he referred two of his reports – now Group Finance & Accounting Directors. If you’re looking to advance your career, even after a setback, we can help you.

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