Organizational Programs

  • Strong leadership bench & pipeline
  • Increase in profits and productivity
  • Improved ROI on L&D programmes
  • Increased staff and customer retention
  • Higher team cohesion
  • Successful workforce planning programs
  • Clear talent strategy
  • Effective performance appraisals

Training Solutions
Build a highly productive workforce with our comprehensive assessments and elearning solutions covering hard and soft skills. Achieve High ROI, scale programs and streamline costs
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Leadership Consulting
Our solutions will help you build a strong leadership bench and talent pipeline by unearthing developmental areas and building customized programs to address these.
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Leadership Coaching
Your leaders (aspiring and current) work with top executive coaches to cultivate new behaviours and ways of working that strengthen organizational performance in the short and long term.
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Slowed sales growth. Under-performing market innovations. Uninspired teams. Increasing customer attrition. All these are commonly thought to come about as a result of misaligned strategy but rarely do we look to the cog in the wheel – our talent. These problems, and more, are actually more commonly as a result of:

  • A weakened leadership bench and talent pipeline
  • Bringing the wrong people into critical roles
  • Losses of high potential talent that easily fall through the cracks when talent development is not deliberate
  • Underprepared teams, that may have the potential, but lack the skill needed to deliver an aggressive growth strategy
  • much, much, more!

Research shows that:

  • You can lose new hires easily: 2 in 3 employees will accept in offer and leave within 6 months after realizing it’s a bad fit (CareerBuilder)
  • It costs much more to lose a good existing employee than we may think it costs to get someone new: The true cost of losing a good hire e.g. in existing talent is 200% that of a bad hire (CareerBuilder)
  • Employees are still leaving their bosses, not their jobs: Over 50% of employees leave because of a toxic work culture and boss’ management style (CareerBuilder)
  • Both current and new employees are deciding to leave if you are not a ‘learning centre’: 52% of employees want to stay where they are continually challenged to develop. Those who see no clear development opportunities are 12 times more likely to leave within 12 months (PwC, IBM – separate)
  • Do you feel current leaders may be ineffective at driving organizational goals? You’re not alone – 71% of organizations share these sentiments and over 82% feel they aren’t ‘getting leadership right’. (Brandon Hall)
  • If you ignore ‘employee issues’ you are likely to take a hit on your top and bottom line: 70% of companies report declining financial performance due to staff turnover (Right Management)


At Angled North, we help you deliver the results you desire by helping you develop and work through a strong, skilled team of current and potential leaders. We believe that people development is the top priority of leaders today because it is the right leadership and teams that unlock the right competitive advantages that solidify long-term success.


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