Leadership & Team Audits

  • Strong leadership bench & pipeline
  • Increase in profits and productivity
  • Improved ROI on L&D programmes
  • Increased staff and customer retention
  • Higher team cohesion
  • Effective workforce planning programs
  • Clear talent strategy
  • Effective performance appraisals

Leadership audits
Develop clear strategies to help current leaders perform better. Identify and develop a talent pool to take up leadership positions. Includes hard and soft skills and corporate strategy.
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Sales Audits
Determine how to increase sales revenue by addressing any gaps in the 5 critical sales areas including managing relationships and self-starting. Use the tools to ensure you get the right hires in.
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Customer Care Audits
Identify and develop the right staff. Test skills and determine culture and job fit. Can be customized to various sectors e.g. financial, retail, healthcare etc.
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Enterprise Audits
Understand actual culture dynamics, talent strength within departments and organization wide.
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Traditionally, decisions on hiring and promotion are done using observational assessments such as interviews. Research shows, however, that human judgement can be misleading. In fact, interviews have been shown to only be able to predict right 14% of the time. Furthermore, because training is done en masse and learners needs are rarely assessed, it is not uncommon to waste 90% of the training budget (Forbes). Clearly, relying solely on human judgment in hiring, learning and development decisions is not advantageous.

People decisions are tough decisions but we do not have to make them unnecessarily harder. At Angled North, we help you deliver high performance by acquiring, retaining and developing the very best talent. Discover the hidden opportunities and real development areas in your current team and critically assess potential hires through leadership and team audits. Eliminate the guesswork, deliver a higher ROI and strengthen your team.

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