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James Hepburn (Digital Marketer, Copywriter, and Sales Funnel Specialist) is a firm believer in marketing that delivers a measurable return. James is renowned for launching campaigns both online and offline that produce huge results for his clients. He specializes in Facebook Ads and Lead Generation for Online Personal Trainers, Fitness Experts & Coaches. James is skilled at teaching online fitpro’s not only easy to implement marketing strategies but a breakdown of the ‘marketing metrics’ you must achieve in any campaign to guarantee success. Cue in the coaching funnel.

In this piece, we look at how James leveraged Facebook marketing and Click funnels to generate leads and get more clients. Too much marketing jargon? Let me break it down then, and let’s start with what funnels are – and particularly interesting to you – coaching funnels.


What is a Coaching Funnel?

The Coaching Funnel is a marketing funnel whose main aim is to generate sales. Your customers are guided through the funnel, being directed to the next step via a series of enticing offers and incentives.

When it comes to coaching, these are your clients. Not all revenue must and will come purely from your coaching services. Other revenue streams can be generated in the funnel from other products/services that you offer. For detailed steps on how to draft a coaching funnel for your business, see here.

James Hepburn’s case study on Winning International is quite an insightful one. Winning International is in the business of ‘coaching coaches’. It helps coaches grow their businesses and ultimately, make 7 figures. James’ company – Ivy League Marketing – was approached to help Winning International generate more leads and sales. This became the goal: to generate more qualified leads and increase sales.

See the case study here.

What was being sold? Strategy Sessions.

What was the target audience? Personal Trainers

What did James and his team do? They came up with 3 plans of attack. The Webinar Funnel, the High Ticket Funnel, and the Tripwire Funnel.

The webinar funnel involved obtaining prospects email addresses when they signed up for the webinar. The offer for the Strategy Sessions was then given to interested participants. Anyone who gives you their email address enters your Coaching Funnel and it is up to you to ensure that you guide them through their decision making.

The high ticket funnel involved a series of videos which give Personal Trainers information on how they can solve their biggest business problems. In return, they gave Winning International their email addresses. The Strategy Session was then offered as a Call-To-Action (CTA).

The tripwire funnel is the one James and his team used first. But what is tripwire?


Tripwire Marketing

Tripwire marketing is the process of turning a lead into a customer by making them a low-cost, relatively painless offer, then having the opportunity to upsell them once they are in the sales funnel (

They started off with a lead magnet which solves a problem that the Personal Trainer goes through in their business, then they proceeded to offer them a low-ticket item with the Strategy Session as a bonus.

Your lead magnet can be a number of things; all designated to target the highest number of leads towards your offer. James used a free report called “Get 10 Personal Trainer Clients in 5 Days”. It had a great conversion rate. Other lead magnets you can use are discount offers, free shipping, toolkits, free trial downloads, cheat sheets etc. For more information on these, and other lead magnet examples, click here.

So what were the results?

A 4000% ROI.

There were other elements to such as successful campaign…such as the design of their landing pages, the wording in the copy…

So what am I getting at with all this talk of lead magnets, tripwire marketing etc.?

To generate qualified leads for your Coaching business, you need to have a coaching funnel in place. This sales funnel for coaches will help you target customers at every point, ensuring that you are nurturing leads.

If you’d like more information on lead generation, coaching funnels and want to understand how they can transform your business and increase your ROI, schedule a free session with us here.