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…I needed a professional opinion on how I could improve my CV. The value I received was immeasurable. It went beyond the usual formatting tweaks that most professional CV writers tend to offer, and really delved into the content and presentation.…[I would recommend the service to] anyone who is looking to leap into their next senior level position and who is ready to put in the work to craft a CV that gets you the interview and job offer.

Aziza, Environmental Finance

Do any of these phrases describe you?

You want to solve societal problems and change peoples lives for good.

You are ambitious and want to be put together, ready when opportunity knocks.

You want to revolutionize entire industries, break status quo, leave a legacy.

Society respects you for your expertise and looks up to you for your skill.


Struggling to get the right business partners?

Tired of limiting your opportunities?

Hate speaking about yourself?

Need to generate more business?

Finding it difficult to meet the right decision makers?

Your job, which you have worked so hard on is in jeopardy. You need help keeping what you have worked so hard to build...it has been a while since you were looking for a job

You've worked hard to build your career but now you're at a fork in the road and you're not sure where to go next?

You're ready to stop job hunting and be rooted in your career?

You don't feel quite put together.

You're in the right place!

Angled North helps you navigate your career to where you never thought possible, tell your story as it has never been told and achieve what you feared to dream.



Through our services in personal branding and skill development.

Our Brand Management Services:

LinkedIn Profile Writing & Management

LinkedIn Profile Writing and Management

Our LinkedIn Profile Writing and Management Service is designed to increase your sphere of influence and opportunities. From LinkedIn profile writing, management and training, we will help you be known as an expert, network more effectively, generate sales prospects and more!

 Job Search Management & CV Writing

Job Search Management and CV Writing Services Kenya

Our CV writing service is designed to position you as the highly accomplished professional you are. Not only do we intentionally make it hard for employers to pass you off , we set you apart from other candidates. When we are done, you will increase your perceived value ,negotiating power and confidence.


 Executive and Speaker Bio Writing

Job Search Management and CV Writing Services Kenya

Our Speaker & Executive bio writing service is designed to connect and elevate your value in the eyes of your audience. A well written bio makes it clearly who you are & what you do in a way that powerfully connects with your audience. Click the button to find out more.

Enjoy some of our


How about some of our


LinkedIn Tips and Tricks for Professionals and Businesses was given at our inaugural networking session. Have any questions on implementation? Send us your questions on our contact page.

The LinkedIn for Coaches and Consultants is a 5 day email course that will get you up and running with LinkedIn, with some local examples of stellar profiles. Click the image to get started immediately.

LinkedIn Starter Course for Coaches & Consultants

How about some of our


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